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  • How to simply distinguish authentic silk from fake silk?

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    The price of silkworm silk is relatively expensive. But even if you can buy it, are you sure that you can buy authentic silk? Be a smart consumer!

    Here are a few methods that can help you choose the right real silk to have gorgeous outfits and bring out the amazing benefits that can only be found in real silk.

    1. Price:Authentic silk is never offered at a low price. Real silk due to its preciousness and manual production process has a higher price than silk from synthetic fibers. So how do you know that price is low or high? You should reference its average price before purchasing not only silk but also anything. In case the seller deliberately seem to offer at a high price, continue to read
    2. Hand touching:Authentic silk certainly makes you feel its smoothness when you touch by hand. Or you can apply it on your skin and slowly pull, you will feel like silk pulling your hand again.

    1. Luster:By observing, authentic silk seems to have many different colors when the light shines. Synthetic silk will only have the white.
    2. Pattern: Patterns printed on one side of fake silk cloths cannot be seen on the other one. In contrast, with authentic silk, you can see the fuzzy printed pattern
    3. Test burning:it is not easy to test silk quality by burning it in the shop. But if the seller burns it to demonstrate the quality, you will see it is burnt to ashes.

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