June 23, 2021

Mulberry silk is a fabric that is 100% woven from silk. And Vietnam is one of the countries with a long tradition from raising silkworms, taking cocoons to collecting silk and finally weaving into silk fabric. The stages are made by hand and require meticulousness and ingenuity of artisans, to get beautiful and perfect silks.

In the past, when talking to this fabric, it was often referred to the upper class. But with the popularity as now, mulberry silk has been widely used by everyone. That is also the reason that this fabric is used a lot in apparel or accessories and even decorations.

Mulberry silk is considered as the queen of fabrics because of its flamboyance, beauty, and added value to users. The product is woven from silk fibers, extremely soft and strong, because it is produced by traditional hand weaving.

Because silk has a triangular prism structure with rounded corners, it can reflect light hitting it from different angles to create an iridescent look.

Silk can be used all year round, suitable for all types of weather.

Does not cause skin irritation and suitable for all skin and baby skin


Mulberry silk is the most natural silk today, made entirely by hand, from raising silkworms to get cocoons, and weaving them into silk, artisans always cherish and keep the inherent beauty of silk. The benefits of mulberry silk compared to other silk fabrics such as:

Clothing made from silk is both light and durable, has a natural shiny color of silk, when worn in the summer, it feels cool and in the winter, it will feel warm.

Silk has good sweat absorption and antibacterial properties

There is luster with each light movement or when moving, enhancing the beauty and charm of the wearer

Silk fiber is protein, smooth and thin, so it is very soft, skin-friendly, does not cause skin irritation when worn.

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