• Size: 80x180cm
  • Material: 100% natural mulberry silk
  • Color: white, hand-painted peach blossom, hand-painted lotus
  • Characteristics: soft, gentle and seductive
  • Does not cause skin irritation, suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin


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Silk scarves have become indispensable accessories for women, highlighting their luxurious and aristocratic beauty and always attracting all eyes.

Pure white color combined with hand-painted lotus and peach blossom shapes, brings youthfulness, dynamism and brightness.

Silk scarves will be a great accessory to go with all kinds of outfits. The scarf can also be transformed into a beach gown that is both discreet and sexy.

Silk has a cross-sectional structure of silk fibers, triangular in shape and has rounded corners. Therefore, the scarf has a smooth and soft shine. Under the light of a lamp or the sun, it becomes even more shiny and shiny. Silk has a natural strong interlacing, even if used many times; the scarf will not be damaged and rotten. It will keep your body warm in winter and feel cool in the summer.


To retain its natural beauty, Vietnam Silk should be:

  • Dry cleaning or Washing by hand with cool (or lukewarm) water and body milk, soap or shampoo (Dissolving before washing- Should wash swiftly)
  • Shaking clear water and hanging in the shadow.
  • Ironing while wet (Should iron on the reverse of the silk)

Note: Strictly, do not soak or soak for a long time in water.


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