• Dimensions: 88x195cm
  • Material: 100% natural silk
  • Color: white and pink
  • Features: soft, gentle and seductive
  • Does not cause skin irritation, suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin


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Silk scarves have become indispensable accessories for women, bringing a luxurious and aristocratic beauty and always attracting all eyes.

White and pink silk scarves show the lightness and softness of the user. You can wear a neckline with a bare-shoulder dress, a traditional Vietnamese aodai or a beach gown, combined with fashionable skirts to add a gentle, feminine and youthful beauty.

Plain silk scarf dyed in 2 colors is one of the most favorite scarves because of its simplicity but enhances the delicate beauty of the owner. This is a wonderful accessory.

With a special dyeing technique, the completely natural pink color is extracted from the wood by the artisans, without using any dyeing chemicals. Pure white combined with sweet pink. This color is suitable for youth, dynamism and brightness.

White-pink silk scarf will be a great accessory, when it is combined with office fashion or a light drape with a bare-shoulder dress. The scarf can also be transformed into a beach gown that’s both discreet and sexy.

Silk has a cross-sectional structure, triangular in shape and has rounded corners. Therefore, the scarf has a smooth and soft shine. Under the light of a lamp or the sun, the surface of the scarf becomes even more shiny and shiny. Each silk thread is naturally interwoven, even if it is used many times, the scarf will not be damaged and stretched. What’s more, because of poor thermal conductivity, it can keep your body warm in winter.


Hand wash with baby’s laundry detergent or shampoo.

Do not soak in water for too long, do not twist.

Dry in a ventilated place, do not expose to hot sun.

Use the iron on low setting below 135oC while the towel is still damp.


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