Silk face towels



  • Dimensions: 30 x 38 cm
  • Material: 100% natural mulberry silk
  • Color: White, cream yellow, natural color of silk, not dyed.
  • Features: quick water absorption, soft, quick drying.
  • Non-irritating to skin, suitable for all skin, and good for baby’s skin.
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Mulberry silk face towels are woven in the form of cotton fibers, creating a smooth, porous surface, thicker than plain woven towels. Silk face towels bring a soft feeling, suitable for daily facial cleansing. With a towel is made from 100% pure silk yarn, you will have a completely different feeling compared to other materials used before.

Outstanding advantages of silk towels compared to cotton towels:

Superior absorbency: when looking at the surface of the towel, you will feel a bit dry, slippery and worried that the towel can absorb well? But when dipping the towel in water, it will be more absorbent than cotton towels. Moreover, when squeezed dry, silk towels still retain their spongy and slightly rough characteristics, gently helping to clean the face.

Quick-drying, no need for direct sunlight: Cotton towels are often difficult to dry, lose cotton fibers and easily grow bacteria on damp towels. Meanwhile, silk towels still retain the advantage of being very absorbent, and an additional plus is that the silk towel dries faster than cotton towels, is also antibacterial, and does not leave bacteria in the towel.

100% natural silk: With cotton towels, the production process definitely involves bleaching and dyeing chemicals. But, with silk towels, you can be completely assured with 100% natural materials. The only way to treat silk is to heat it to remove the silk glue, so that the silk is more porous. With handmade process, absolutely no bleaching, no dyeing. Ivory white to light yellow is purely the color of natural silk. With this towel, you can use it as a face towel, hand towel, high-class spa towel, especially it can be absolutely safe for baby’s skin.

Silk face towel is a chemical-free, SAFE, environmentally friendly product, very good for health, is the TOP CHOICE for sensitive skin


Wash before first use.

Hand wash with baby’s laundry detergent or shampoo.

Do not soak in water for too long, do not twist.

Dry in a ventilated place, do not expose to hot sun.

Use the iron on low setting below 135oC while the towel is still damp.


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