• Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm, 30 x 45 cm
  • Material: 100% natural silk
  • Color: White, cream yellow, natural color of silk, not dyed.
  • Features: quick water absorption, soft, quick drying.
  • Non-irritating to skin, suitable for all skin, and good for baby’s skin.





Plain woven silk towels are straight fibers, flat surface and two layers. Hand-woven from 100% silk with original colors, no chemical dyes, suitable for all skin, including baby skin.

Maintain the protein content of silk and the natural softness of silk fibers. It will help to pamper and improve the skin easily after the time of using (SPECIAL: oily skin & baby skin)

3 outstanding advantages of silk face towels:

  • 100% silk natural, according to traditional manual methods.
  • Anti-bacterial and mildew-proof towels: silk’s natural protein makes towels highly antibacterial, light, dry, and moisture-free.
  • Skin protection: capable of deep cleaning, removing dead cells and excess oil. Silk face towel is soft, protects health, anti-aging skin and absorbs sweat very well. It is very suitable for facial massage or using in facial care along with cosmetics.

Silk face towel is no chemicals, SAFE, environmentally friendly product, very good for health, is the TOP CHOICE for sensitive skin.


Wash before first use.

Hand wash with baby’s laundry detergent or shampoo.

Do not soak in water for too long, do not twist.

Dry in a ventilated place, do not expose to hot sun.

Use the iron on low setting below 135oC while the towel is still damp.


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