• Material: 100% silk
  • Fabric type: chiffon silk
  • Origin: Bao Loc – Lam Dong – Vietnam
  • Size: 114cm wide, length cut as needed
  • Price: 15.9USD/m
  • Product application: shirts, dresses, tops, covers, blankets…


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Chiffon silk is a smooth and crystal – clear fabric. It is woven from natural silk fibers.

The silk used for weaving is very tight and changes in both directions, so the Chiffon fabric has a smooth structure, but the surface is uneven, touching will feel rough like fine sand.

Has a crape-like surface, a matte fabric surface, and the fabric is thin, soft and supple. Chiffon silk is woven in a pattern with the warp and weft being tightly twisted threads.


To retain its natural beauty, Vietnam Silk should be:

  • Dry cleaning or Washing by hand with cool (or lukewarm) water and body milk, soap or shampoo (Dissolving before washing- Should wash swiftly)
  • Shaking clear water and hanging in the shadow.
  • Ironing while wet (Should iron on the reverse of the silk)

Note: Strictly, do not soak or soak for a long time in water.


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