• Material: 100% silk
  • Fabric type: plain satin
  • Origin: Bao Loc – Lam Dong – Vietnam
  • Size: 114cm wide, length cut as needed
  • Product application: shirts, dresses, tops, covers, blankets…





Satin silk, also known as satin fabric, is a woven fabric from silk that applies a patterned weaving technique to create less knitting between wefts and warp threads. That is, weave the weft under one warp and then overlap at least two warp threads and so on.

Silk satin silk is very light, soft, sweat-absorbent, cool in the summer, and does not stick to the body in the winter. High-grade mulberry silk fabric is an indispensable silk in each design like shirt, skirt, luxurious dresses, because of advantages such as:

  • Silk satin feels cool and comfortable, absorbs sweat well, and doesn’t cause discomfort when wearing, especially in hot weather.
  • Iridescent colors and enhance feminine beauty
  • Light, smooth, beautiful, luxurious and noble
  • Reduce wrinkles when wearing, easy to flatten
  • Dyeing by manual method, so it is very safe for skin
  • Good deodorizing properties for the body

Applications of satin silk such as: shirts, dresses, scarves, pillowcase. It always brings comfort, softness, luxury and good for health.


To retain its natural beauty, Vietnam Silk should be:

  • Dry cleaning or Washing by hand with cool (or lukewarm) water and body milk, soap or shampoo (Dissolving before washing- Should wash swiftly)
  • Shaking clear water and hanging in the shadow.
  • Ironing while wet (Should iron on the reverse of the silk)

Note: Strictly, do not soak or soak for a long time in water.


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