Vinsilk is rooted in a passion for traditional national values, which have existed for hundreds of years. Vietnamese silk is always hidden by the cultural beauty and soul of our ancestors from thousands of years ago. Each silk product is the perseverance, hard work and talent of the artisans, who want to convey their thoughts and aspirations in each silk fabric created.

  • Brand with passion from traditional Vietnamese silk.
  • Vinsilk always brings 100% high quality Vietnamese silk.
  • Vinsilk wishes to bring Vietnamese silk brand to the world.


  • Honoring the long-standing traditional beauty of silk weaving villages in Vietnam
  • Bringing high quality products to the world
  • The Vietnamese silk brand is trusted by foreign partners


“Dedication, creativity and honesty in each product”

  • Devotion in each product created. Dedicated to our partners and customers.
  • Each product is always a non stop innovation, always meeting all market weaknesses and needs of the most demanding customers.
  • Always be an honest brand when creating products and delivering them to customers
  • Customer care department

    • Handling customer orders.
    • Packaging and shipping products.
    • Solve customer problems
  • Weaving department

    • Prepare silk threads and weaving patterns.
    • Operating the weaving machines.
    • Finishing the weaving process
  • Hand dyeing department

    • Dye raw silk fabric into different colors
    • Put the fabric in the dryer.
    • Finishing a silk fabric


What products does Vinsilk include

Vinsilk provides all fabrics, which made from natural silk in Vietnam such as satin, jacquard, velvet, habotai, floral silk, chiffon,...

Does Vinsilk have wholesale prices

Yes, We always have the wholesale prices. Always ensure quantity and quality with the best price.

Does Vinsilk provide silk fabric upon customer request?

Yes, we can always product silk fabric according to customers' requirements.

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